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Compendium: Top Tech Tidbits 60 Most Clicked Tidbits for April, May and June 2023 - Volume 5

Compendium: Top Tech Tidbits 60 Most Clicked Tidbits for April, May and June 2023 - Volume 5

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Document Content: Are you blind or do you live with low vision? Are you deaf, hard of hearing or deafblind? Do you require a wheelchair for mobility? Do you consider yourself to be neurodivergent or otherwise disabled?

If you answered yes to any of these questions this document will provide you with links to 60 of the most important access technology tips released in the last 3 months. As voted on by Top Tech Tidbits readers.

These tips are taken from the Top 5 Most Clicked Tidbits section of the weekly Top Tech Tidbits Email Newsletter, which is delivered to over 10,000 blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, neurodivergent and/or disabled professionals, educators and enthusiasts, all over the world, each week.

This means that each week over 10,000 access technology subscribers vote with their clicks to nominate the most informative access technology articles. This is a complete listing of those articles.

If you would like to own a perfectly formatted and searchable Word Document with each of the 60 Most Clicked Access Technology news articles of the last 3 months listed neatly within it, this document is for you.

Accessibility / Format: Each issue is provided as a native Microsoft Word document with full headings, links and abstracts to each of the 60 Most Clicked Tidbits of the Last 3 Months.

Security / DRM: There are no restrictions placed on these documents. You are more than welcome to share them with friends and colleagues as you see fit. We ask only that you consider asking them to support Top Tech Tidbits as well.

Keywords: blind, deaf, deafblind, neurodivergent, disabled, disability, access, accessibility, technology, news, trends, updates, tips, tricks, guides, how-tos.

Refunds: All sales are final once your document(s) have been received.

Access Technology: Access Technology refers to items that are specifically designed for people with disabilities and often refers specifically to electronic and information technology access.

Disclaimer: If you would prefer to receive the Top 5 Most Clicked Tidbits as they are released each quarter, you can receive all past and future issues for just $12 a year by becoming a Premium Subscriber today at:

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